Above the clouds in Phu Chi Fa, The Most Breathtaking View! – Chiang Rai, Thailand


Today is the big day. We are going to the most breathtaking view of Northern Thailand, ‘Phu Chi Fa’. Phu Chi Fa is a mountain area next to the border with Laos. People come here for sunrise, yes sunrise. This means that we had to wake up at 3 am to make it in time. I have met someone who has been and it’s absolutely breathtaking. There are no words to describe all of this beauty. Everyone of us is excited.

We packed breakfast. We will picnic on the top. Everyone got up and was ready. We manage to leave by car before 4 am. I have rented a car and we will split the cost and gas with the 4 of us. We will spent time in the national park too. This day is going to be totally amazing.

Getting to Phu Chi Fa

The drive to Phu Chi Fa was surprisingly easy. The staff of the hostel and the rental car told me to be careful because the roads are small, curvy, filled with potholes and steep. I don’t know if they have actually been to Phu Chi Fa but the road was super easy to drive on. European roads are known to be small compared to let say the USA. Belgium road are filled with potholes and I come from the countryside. This road was a breeze!

There are multiple ways to get there. We took the ‘easier’ one. I don’t know if it actually is easier, but this road was recommended. If you follow your GPS it will guide you through the difficult road. To go with the easy route, you have to follow route 1020, 1021 and 1155. We went this way and I can guarantee you that this route is good for driving. We also got the cheapest rental car. No 4×4 or anything like that. Just a 1200cc front engine fwd gasoline car.


We managed to arrive before sunrise. We had to leave the car down and pay for a taxi to get to the top. The taxi is in the back of a pickup truck. The price was I think 10 or 15 baht per person. It’s really cheap. We sat in the back of the truck. But the guy didn’t want to go up yet. He was waiting for others to join so the car would be full. But we wanted to go so we are before sunrise. We asked him to go, but he didn’t want to.

So we discussed with each other and then decided to give hime some more cash to start going now and not wait for others. So my friend Eric goes in his pocket, grabs all the change he can find. He goes to the driver and give it in his hand. “GO NOW” he said. The driver takes some time to look at the money in his hand. Giving it value I think. And then decided to go.

Phu Chi Fa

We managed to get to the start of the hike in time. Next we start our hike up to the top. We can already see the sky is turning orange. We are right on time. We make it to the first viewpoint at 6.25 am. Sunrise is at 6.54 am today. We are good on time. But the view! WOW! The view is so amazing. There is nothing like this.


This is a picture of the first view. It’s so beautiful you cannot capture it in a picture. No picture will ever be able to recreate this amount of beauty. There are no words. You just stand there, above the clouds. It’s chilly and the sky is slowly turning more and more orange. In the distance are more mountains. They all reach above the clouds. It’s just WOW! We are actually baffled by the beauty. It’s so beautiful it makes you emotional.


Then we go higher to the top of the mountain. There are so many people here! I’d say over 1,000 people came to see the sunrise. It’s also a Sunday and yesterday was children’s day, so i guess a lot of people got time off. But the view only gets more and more amazing. The sky is getting just a bit more orange. The clouds in the distance all over Laos. It’s so breathtaking.



Slowly we wait for the sun to rise. We keep exploring a bit. We are just baffled by the view. The crowd doesn’t even bother me. This view is absolutely stunning. There is nothing like this. This ranks number 1 on my list of most breathtaking views. No words can describe this.



And then the sun starts to show! We went a bit lower as this would be the best view for the sunrise. On the left you can see the peak of the mountain and behind it is the sunrise over the clouds. Damn this is so amazing.


And then there is this panorama picture! Have ever seen anything like this?

Snapseed 2.jpg

And eventually we settle down to eat our breakfast. This is the most amazing picnic I have ever had. It’s just breathtaking. Watch this video!

I really cannot get enough of Phu Chi Fa. So I climb some small rock to get my feet in the shot.


By now, a lot of people have already left the mountain. The sun is up. They came for sunrise and now they are going away. But we have no deadline. We have plenty of time and now we have a lot of freedom to take some breathtaking pictures and to enjoy this view.


And then there is Eric. Eric loves to climb things. He actually scared the crap out of us. We were scared that he would fall. But he was absolutely enjoying it! He goes to stand on the ledge without fear.



And then we have a group picture of us all at the top to remember this amazing day!



This day is just getting started. It’s only 9.20 am and we are back at the car to continue driving south through the national park. We have a lot to do still. I will keep that for the next post. So stay tuned for more amazingness to this road trip!

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