Happy Songkran 2019! The biggest water fight in the World – Bangkok, Thailand

The Songkran festival is the Thai New Year. It’s the New Year of the Solar calendar. People go to the temples and pour water on the buddha statues as purification. The official day is April 13, but it extends all the way to April 15 and starts on April 12. The whole national holiday turned into a crazy 5 day long water fight. It’s absolutely crazy and fun. Put this on your bucket list for next year.

After backpacking for over 4 months it is time to settle down for a bit. I decided to rent an airbnb for a month and make it feel like home. I just came back from my Bali trip and the craziness doesn’t end. I’m just in time for the Songkran festival and what better way to celebrate it than Khao San Road?


Before going to Khao San Road, me and Mystery girl are going to Queen Bee. This is the bar where my friend works and he is going to join us. We settled to go and celebrate at Khao San Road. My friend absolutely wants to go there. I wanted to go where more locals are, but it’s going to be crazy anyway.

We had a few drinks at the bar and then it’s time to go and buy some water guns. There’s a market nearby that has a buy one get one deal. So that’s where we are buying our water guns.

When we arrive back at the bar, the fight already starts. There’s a group in front of the bar and it turn into a water gun fight! After our little spar, we decide to team up and spray everyone else.

Let’s move

After our little fun in front of the bar it’s time to go! We are going to walk along the main road for a bit before we take the skytrain and head towards Khao San Road.

We pass by so many spots where water fights are going on. This festival is so crazy! We run out of water really quick. So it’s time to fill up.

One of the crazier first stops was at the corner with Sukhumvit Soi 22. This street is popular in the area. There are a ton of bars, restaurants, massage places and street food. Everyone is joining the fight! Even the little guys.

There are a lot places who sell beer and play music. We really get into the party atmosphere. Everyone is playing with water. There are water balloons. It’s just one big wet party!

Let’s take the Skytrain

Now it’s time to head to Khao San Road. We will be taking the skytrain and then the Tuk-Tuk to Khao San Road. Here’s Mystery girl right before entering the Skytrain. We also have our own Mystery girl t-shirts now!

We are so drenching wet! Luckily it’s Bangkok and it’s hot outside. But the skytrain is so cold! They have AC everywhere. We’re happy when we can finally get off and take the Tuk-Tuk.

From this point I don’t have that many photos anymore. I’m just completely drenched and there are just too many water fights to take out my phone. Even tho it is waterproof, it’s not the ideal time to do it.

The Tuk-Tuks are water fight war machines! There are so many people taking the Tuk-Tuk to Khao San Road. Everyone is armed with water guns. There are big fights going on between all the Tuk-Tuks and we try to spray as many as possible.

Khao San Road

We finally make it to Khao San Road. We’re absolutely drenched in water. The water is dripping off everywhere! Khao San Road is one big war zone. There’s no way I’m snapping pictures here. Just walking through the road is crazy. You have the main road to walk, which is absolutely packed and at the sides is everyone with water. They have water guns or splash buckets. Some of that water is absolutely cold as they put ice in it!

We finally settle with a bar, drink beer and party! It’s so much fun.

After a long day of fighting with water, drinking and having fun, it’s time to head back. We get another Tuk-Tuk to the skytrain and head home for nice and hot shower.

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