Merry Christmas from Vietnam


I wish everyone a merry Christmas. Make it a special day for you, your family and friends. It’s a great day to all get together. I send you lots of love.

It’s the first time I am away from home during Christmas. We haven’t been big Christmas celebrators. The whole Christmas celebration as we know it originates from the US and is making it’s way to the rest of the world. We did have Christmas dinners. At home we like to keep it small and have dinner with the closest family.

This year I’m celebrating Christmas eve in Vietnam. I’m staying in Sun Paradise Villa in Hoi An, Vietnam. It’s a very family-like hostel/hotel. The owners invited us for a family dinner. This is a blessing. This whole trip I didn’t plan anything for Christmas. I didn’t know where I would be and what I would do.


This dinner was absolutely awesome. The food was delicious, we all shared stories and sang Christmas songs. My best friend from home gave me a Christmas card and an ornament for the tree. So I hang the ornament in the Christmas tree and place the card underneath it (see first picture).


I want to thank Sun Paradise Villa for making us feel at home during such a special Holiday. It was a blessing to stay here. See the below 2 videos of us celebrating Christmas.

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