Sukhothai Historical Park, UNESCO World Heritage – Sukhothai, Thailand

The historical park is one of Thailand’s most impressive World Heritage sights. The park is insanely huge with over 190 historical ruins. It’s protected World Heritage with a rich history and unique architecture. The ruins date back all the way to the 13th century! Back when the Sukhothai Kingdom was thriving. What’s left? An amazing park for exploring.

The park is very easily accessible. There are buses that can bring you all the way there. However, I opted to rent a motorbike and drive my way over there in the morning. This was an interesting experience on its own.

The good motorbike rental company close to our hostel is closed for a holiday. In brief, they will be away for 10 days. So I was out of luck of renting a motorbike there. After that, one of the hostel staff decided to help me out finding another rental company.

We find one by the bus station. Immediately on arrival I felt like this place was going to be bad. And yes it was bad. The woman who rents the motorbikes comes over as very entitled and ignorant. Therefore, she is not really the kind of person I want to do business with.

She shows me the motorbike. Which is in very bad condition compared to any other motorbikes I had before. But I really want one to make it to the park in the morning. Therefore, I take it anyway. The first helmet she gave me didn’t close, so I asked for another one. But she didn’t want to give me another one. After I showed her once more it didn’t close she finally went to give me another one.

So time to go. I pull back with the motorbike and try to start it. The starter engine revved, click. Nothing… The battery seems weak. Like it doesn’t have enough power to get the engine to run. I try again. A shorter rev, before dying. F*k this shit, I’m thinking. Key off and on again. The shop owner comes. I’m just thinking of not taking this motorbike anymore and get my money back. One more try, and it starts.

We’re off going back to the hostel. The scooter doesn’t feel that stable while driving. It’s a piece of crap, really. Why did I even take this? I had a bad feeling about this from the start. Well, good luck getting money back now from that shop. So I decide to keep it.

The historical park

The next morning I take the motorbike to the park. It’s not far and very easy to get to. It’s just straight all the way there. When I arrive, I have to drive all the way around to the parking lot. This is when I notice how big this park actually is! It’s very impressive to say the least.

Here’s an amazing objective guide to the site:

I forgot how much the entree fee is. But to me it was well worth it. It is cheaper for Thai people to enter the site. There’s also the option to go in by bicycle or rent one there. I did it on foot, but the park is very big. Depending on how much time you want to spend inside and how much you like walking. It might be worth it to rent that bicycle.

The park itself is filled with ancient temples. There are buddha statues everywhere. You can walk through the ancient temples and then take your bicycle to the next one. There are also many lakes and some bridges. It’s very unique and beautiful.

I was early enough to have the park mostly for myself for the first hour. After that many tour groups started to appear. It is recommended to go early or late (close to sunset) for the best lighting. It can also get very hot during the day! Starting from 11 am it gets super hot and in the afternoon it’s even worse. Be prepared for this. There is not much shadow here.

Here are some of the pictures I took.

I think this is a very unique destination that you should visit while in northern Thailand. It’s a bit more touristy than what I usually do, but it’s still a bit out of the tourist routes.

My next stop is going to be Pai. If you follow me on my Instagram ‘kevinoutdoors‘, you will already see many beautiful pictures and stories of that trip. I will write about that one next.

I also have a very special destination that I am aiming to go to next. It’s a very gorgeous nature destination in Thailand. A lot of people have never heard about this. Even a lot of Thai people don’t know this. Stay tuned for that one 🙂

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