The amazing Goa Rang Reng Waterfall – Ubud, Bali

Behind the Goa Rang Reng waterfall is a canyon. In this canyon are 3 amazing waterfalls. You can go swimming in the canyon and there is also a swing. This is an amazing adventure and absolutely worth it.

I heard stories about these amazing falls. People were gossiping about it. It spreads word to mouth without any advertisements or organized tours. As a result, I got very curious to check it out. Today is the time to check it out for myself.

The story is that there are a few amazing waterfalls further down the river. You have to walk through the river and it goes further down a canyon. In this canyon are 3 more waterfalls where you can go swimming. And there is also a big swing over the river!

The Goa Rang Reng Waterfall

The official Goa Rang Reng waterfall is a big waterfall in Bali. There is a small entrance fee to enter this for yourself. But it is nothing spectacular or beautiful.

However, there’s another waterfall here that is worth the visit. Basically, they will try to upsell you to get you away from the shitty waterfall to this amazing paradise. And yes it is worth it.

How to get to the amazing canyon waterfalls

To get to the other falls you will have to take a guide. The guides in this area work on tips. There is no fixed price, they will guide and take care of you and at the end of the guide they ask for a tip. You can give as much as you like and don’t let them pester you or make you feel bad if they are being greedy.

When you are at the Goa Rang Reng waterfall, the guides will talk to you. They will show you pictures of the amazing place and ask to guide you. Just say yes and let them take you there. It is recommended to take the guide. You will have to walk through a river and cross it multiple times. The guide knows which side is deep and which side is not. He will also take care of your bags so they don’t get wet.

The canyon

After a 10 minute walk through the river, we finally arrive at the canyon. There is a spot where you can leave your bags. No one will go through them and it is totally safe. You can bring your phones or camera into the canyon. But the water is deep and it will get some splashes on it! Most smartphones are waterproof these days tho.

We gave our phones to the guide. He takes care of it and he saids that it is his responsibility. He also uses it to take pictures of you everywhere. So you will not only get a guide who helps you, but also a private photographer!

Inside the canyon

We make our way inside the canyon. And it is absolutely gorgeous! There are a total of 3 waterfalls here. You can go swimming and take a shower under the falls.

There is also a huge swing. The guide will let you swing here. He will push you and then proceed to take pictures and videos! You can spend a lot of time here in the canyon. It is absolutely beautiful! Not many people come here and you will most likely have the place for yourself.


After that it was time to head back through the river. At the end of the hike back the guide will ask for a tip. I tipped him 50,000 IDR. This was an absolute amazing adventure, the guide was super friendly and took good care of us. He didn’t want a specific amount and wasn’t greedy at all. We got a lot of value!

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