The best birthday surprise for Mystery Girl at Kumulilir – Bali, Indonesia

It’s the birthday of Mystery girl today. And I want to surprise her! So me and Kumulilir were able to collaborate and make an amazing surprise. They blew away all my expectations and almost made Mystery girl cry out of happiness.

Yesterday we came back to Ubud from Nusa Penida (read: The amazing Kelingking beach and drone shots). Sadly, today is the last day for Mystery girl to be in Bali. She has a late flight today and will be going to Bangkok after midnight. This means that we have the full day today. But today is also the birthday of Mystery girl.

Me and Kumulilir got in touch and we prepared a birthday surprise for her. She is not expecting anything. Kumulilir is a really amazing coffee farm and an amazing company to work with. They understand the value for value concept. They understand that if you give your customers a lot of value, they will become a returning customer. Not only will they return, but they will bring friends or they will tell everyone about their amazing experience and more people will come.

If you missed out on my previous blogposts. Kumulilir have appeared here before, when it was the first time I went there (read: The most expensive coffee in the world: Luwak coffee). From this experience I knew that they would be the perfect company to work with and set up the perfect birthday surprise.

The mentality split

Before I dive into this post, I would like to mention the big mentality split here in Bali, Indonesia. I am super happy that I have met some amazing companies to work with. Companies who see Instagram influencers and bloggers as brands and not as just another tourist.

There are a lot of companies out there that just want to scam money out of you. They will see you just as another tourist. It is sad to see and they abuse the goodwill of tourists to get money. They will make excuses or say “this is normal price” or something like that, just to get more money.

Kumulilir is nothing like those companies. Come and see for yourself whenever you are in Bali and you will feel it yourself. These people are genuine and fair.

Luwak coffee

Kumulilir is a Luwak coffee farm. I really suggest you read my previous post, The most expensive coffee in the world: Luwak coffee, where I go in a lot more detail. But let me make you a TL;DR The coffee beans get digested by the Asian Civet Cat, pooped out, cleaned and roasted. It’s a luxurious and expensive coffee. However here, straight from the farm, it costs only $5.00!

Mystery girl absolutely wants to try this coffee. I told her all about it! She also fell in love with the pictures of Kumulilir and how beautiful the place is. The viewpoints over the rice terraces and everything. She really wanted to come visit. Luckily I managed to push it off until the last day so we can have the birthday surprise.

Upon arrival, we get introduced to the coffee making process. The lovely staff explains everything and how the coffee is made. Then we order our Luwak coffee, which comes with free samples of all their coffees and teas.

Birthday surprise

After all the tasting of the Luwak coffee, other coffees and teas we decide to order one more coconut coffee. We absolutely love the taste. I agree with the staff this would be the perfect time for the surprise.

So a little while after our coconut coffee comes in, they come in with the surprise. OMG! They have absolutely blew me away, I didn’t expect something this big!

All of the staff joins in and sings “Happy Birthday”! And they absolutely mean it, they are so friendly and happy. The smile on Mystery girl’s face is amazing. At one point I thought she would start to cry. She is so happy!

The surprise is a typical Balinese birthday dish. It is nothing like the cake we have back in the west. There’s a big dish on top of banana leaves. In the middle is a big tower of yellow rice. Around the rice is all kinds of local food like chicken sate, noodles, shrimp, etc. And Mystery girl gets to blow the candles.

The food is amazing

The food we got was absolutely amazing. We get to sit on the terrace which has a view over the rice terraces. We absolutely enjoy our time and enjoy the food. But the food is just too much! I asked the staff multiple times to join us. I would’ve loved it, but they have to work and keep it a bit professional. They will continue the dish after us.

Time for a swing

To add to the surprise, Kumulilir invited Mystery girl to the swing. It’s a swing over the Rice terraces in an area which they call “Jungle Lust”.

Mystery girl absolutely loves the swing! And the staff is shouting “Happy Birthday” while they swing her! I can see all the happiness in her face and I love it. This is such a great day 🙂

After the swing, we receive free ice cream. It’s absolutely delicious. But we still want to try the banana split. I know this ice cream from back home in Belgium. It made its way all the way to Indonesia from the time when the Dutch took over. This ice cream is one of my favorites and also here it is absolutely delicious.

Let’s buy coffee for home

We had some great quality time here. We enjoyed our time together and relaxed. It’s the perfect end to Mystery girl’s trip. We spent over 3 hours here, but now we will get going.

We thank the staff once again for everything they have done for us. We decide to buy some coffee for home in their shop. Me and Mystery girl are going to live together for a full month when I go to Bangkok one week from now. We absolutely want some coconut coffee for in our apartment.

We buy 2 packs. I buy one more as a gift to one of my local friends in Bangkok, she has put in a lot of effort to finding me an apartment with only a one month contract. Even tho, she didn’t succeed and I had to settle with a more expensive Airbnb, her efforts didn’t go unnoticed. I want to give something back for all her time.

Relaxing time and saying goodbye at the airport

We decide to spent some time and relax. We are not in the mood to go and see waterfalls or do something crazy. There’s a bar in central Ubud that has a pool. When you order a drink, you can relax by the pool or go swimming. So we order a drink and lay by the pool. Just relaxing time.

After that we get one final local dish at Biah Biah and in the evening we go to the airport. It’s time to say goodbye to Mystery girl ☚ī¸. But soon I will be seeing her back when I fly to Bangkok!

We had such an amazing last day together in Bali. I’m very grateful that I got to work with an amazing company like Kumulilir. They are genuine and give a lot of value. I don’t want to work together with any company who isn’t genuine and who will try to get money out of every tourist. Even if they pay me, I cannot recommend such a company to my audience. This makes me appreciate amazing companies a lot more and I will try my hardest to return all the value they give me. They are absolutely amazing.

You can find Kumulilir on Google Maps, Instagram and Facebook.

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