The Campuhan Ridge walk and Indonesian food – Ubud, Bali

The Campuhan Ridge walk is a very easy and rewarding hike. You will walk on a ridge. On both sides are valleys where rivers run. The river is surrounded by jungle. It’s a great walk with some views over pure nature.

Yesterday was really amazing. I spent all morning at the Tegalalang Rice Terrace and got the afternoon to get my work done. I edited all the pictures and spent time on my Instagram. And my Instagram is on fire! These pictures of Bali in combination with new editing are paying off. Today is a new day and I will go to The Campuhan Ridge walk in Ubud.

Morning surprise

The Campuhan Ridge walk is just outside of Ubud and easily accessible. But I’m running into bad luck today. I take my scooter to get to the entrance, but as soon as I drive a few meters my scooter dies. It doesn’t drive anymore.

I start it again and I can drive again, but I turn around and go back. I’m not trusting this. And yet again, the scooter dies. I start it again, drive a few meter and… it dies again! I’m getting nowhere with this scooter. I get back to the hostel, I tell them what is up and they give me my money back of the scooter.

But I still want to go to The Campuhan Ridge walk. So I order a ‘grab’, but grab isn’t allowed here in Ubud. Ubud wants everyone to use the local taxis, which are overpriced and scammy. So I end up walking 40 minutes to the start of the hike.

The Campuhan Ridge walk

I arrive at the entrance a lot later than expected and without having breakfast yet. But I’m still going to enjoy this! So I start the hike.

The hike is very easy. You are basically walking on a ridge and on both sides is a jungle deep down and a river. The views are okay, but it is a good and relaxing walk. It’s perfect for the mornings.

After walking the ridge, you arrive in a small town. It’s filled with coffeeshops, restaurants, resorts and villas. These places have infinity pools and amazing views! They aren’t cheap either, but it’s a really great getaway if you want to stay here. It’s very unique.

Drone shots

Naturally I brought my drone on this hike. I fly over the valley and get surprised with amazing shots! I can see the river and the nature is just gorgeous! What a great way to start the day.

Indonesian food at Kedaton

It’s time to try out some local Indonesian food. The staff from the hostel recommended me to try out the Kedaton restaurant. It’s local Indonesian food at a really good price.

I get to the restaurant and omg this food is really delicious! It is so cheap compared to all the other food I had before. Ubud has many restaurants from all over the world. It’s very international and a lot of expats stay in this area. Therefore you can get a lot of western food and vegetarian food. But the Indonesian food is absolutely top notch!

I order a ‘chicken & beef rijsttafel’ and get some water for drink. Total price 33,000 IDR (2.00 Euro), and it was absolutely delicious. It’s rice with a lot of different Indonesian dishes. Like small portions of everything.

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