The Death Railway with Mystery girl [Day 3] – Kanchanaburi, Thailand

This is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Kanchanaburi. Yet it still feels like exploring and freedom. There’s a piece of train track that runs next to the mountains and over a lake. It’s absolutely beautiful. The railway was built by prisoners of war during WW2 and played an important part in the war. It’s named ‘death railway’ because many workers died building this railway.

It’s our final day in Kanchanaburi. I am sad that we have to leave so soon. There is so much to explore. I still want to see the waterfalls in the National Park and spend a day with the elephants. It has been very hot the past few days, it made it very hard to explore in the afternoon. So we opted to spend a lot of time in the pool.

The infamous Death Railway

The death railway is very famous around here and it attracts many tourists. It’s a part of the railway that runs next to the mountains. The views are amazing and it is perfect for taking pictures.

Early in the morning we make our way to the ‘Tham Krasae’ train station. This is the stop before where the scenic route starts. The train departs at 7.38 am. But we arrive here around 7.12 am. So we explored the area a little bit.

We are going to take the train for one stop only. It’s not far and after that we have to walk back. The train ticket costs 100 baht for foreigners and a mere 2 baht for locals. Sadly, there’s nothing to do about it.

The train tracks

The tracks are used by many locals to go from one location to the next. People walk on these tracks. There aren’t that many trains coming during the day anyway. But make sure to see the timetable beforehand! The locals know the timings because they walk here every day, I doubt that you do. So better safe than sorry. See the train timetable here.

Early in the morning we spotted a monk walking the tracks. Mystery girl is buddhist. So she asked the monk for a prayer and gave him a tip.

The train ride

We wait at the station for the train to come. The train comes right on time. We are only going to stay on here for one stop. This is a very short ride, so if you want pictures you have to be quick. Luckily the train drives very slowly on this part.

This train is a lot less comfortable than the first train we got from Bangkok. This one has wooden benches, while the one from Bangkok had cushions on the seats. But we actually never sit down as we are too busy looking outside and snapping pictures.

The walk back

The walk back is very easy. We have to walk on the tracks, but it’s so short. There is also a cave with a buddha inside. It’s definitely worth a look while you are here.

We use the walk back to snap some more pictures. We are a bit of daredevils and sitting on the ledges and climbing the beams sticking out to the side are very entertaining.

Feeding elephants at Saiyok Elephant Park

Sadly it is time to head back. Luckily there is an elephant park very close to our resort. There are better ones in the area, but we go and take a look, since it is on the way back to the resort.

When we got here, we decided to feed the elephants. A bucket of taengmo (watermelon) costs 100 baht. They also offer trekking with elephants and bathing. We don’t have time to do any of those.

It’s now time to head back towards Bangkok. We have to drive back by scooter to Kanchanaburi (30 minute drive) and then take the bus back to Bangkok. There are a lot of buses going to Bangkok every 15 minutes! We got in a mini van. But there are first class buses doing this route for only 100 baht!

My trip in Thailand is now coming to an end. Very soon I will fly to Bali! I am very excited for that trip.

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