The most expensive coffee in the world: Luwak coffee – Bali, Indonesia

Luwak coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world. While every country has to import this coffee, Indonesia does not! There are plenty of luwak coffee farms. As a result Indonesia is the cheapest place to try the Luwak coffee. So if you want to try out the coffee, this is the place to do it! Put this on your bucket list when coming to Indonesia!

Me and my friend made amazing plans. We are going to climb Mount Batur for sunrise! There are a lot of tours doing sunrise trekking at Mount Batur with a guide. But we are going to do it differently. We are going to drive there ourself by scooter, spend a night in the area and go climb the mountain ourself without a guide. It’s going to be an amazing adventure!

On the way to Mount Batur, we passed by kumulilir, which is a coffee farm. We didn’t know anything about it. It just looked really nice, so we stopped and went to take a look. And it turned out to be an absolutely amazing experience!

Luwak coffee

We walk through the entrance of this place. Next we get greeted by a lovely lady and she explains us that this is a coffee farm for the famous Luwak coffee. We were totally unprepared as to what this place was. But it looks really nice.

The lady proceeds to show us how the coffee is made. Luwak coffee is a very unique type of coffee. The way it is produced is that the ‘Asian palm civet’ eats the coffee beans. After that the coffee beans gets defecated. Next they wash the coffee beans, peal them and then they get roasted.

In the above picture is the ‘Asian palm civet’, the animal that eats the coffee beans. Below is a pot of the Luwak coffee.

Kumulilir coffee farm

Kumulilir is the name of the coffee farm and coffeeshop. It’s an absolutely gorgeous place. We stopped here without expectations, but it absolutely blew us away. After the explanation of the Luwak coffee, it was time to try some ourself.

We each order a luwak cofee. But what we receive is a lot more! They’re giving us free samples of all their teas and coffees. They have a terrace that looks over the forest and rice fields. It’s so relaxing and gorgeous.

But it doesn’t stop there! They also have the bird’s nest viewpoints that you see in a lot of Bali pictures on Instagram. You can come and use these for free.

Jungle Lust

This has been such an amazing experience already. But it doesn’t stop here. Because we find out there is an area called ‘Jungle Lust’. Here they have a swing over the jungle and a brand new zipline through the jungle!

Kumulilir was very kind to let us try the zipline for free. We are one of the first to try it out. What an amazing gesture! So we gladly accept. Here is a picture of me with the ziplining team.

The zipline goes through three different stops all in the jungle. And then you go to the end. But the highlight is a treehouse in the middle of the jungle with an amazing view.

Ice cream

We have already been spoiled so much. But it doesn’t end here. For our cooperation into trying out the zipline, we get rewared with free ice cream. Because, why not? They give so much value to their customers that you just want to come back and tell everyone about it! Here is a video of the server bringing the ice cream, with an amazing view.

This has been such an amazing experience we almost forgot that our goal is to go to Mount Batur! So it’s time to hop on our bikes and get going.

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