The Mystery Route – A unique travel route in Bangkok with Mystery Girl

The mystery route is a custom designed route through Bangkok. It is a unique travel route through Bangkok, which is filled with hidden gems. To make things a lot more mysterious I brought a mysterious friend, we will call her “Mystery Girl”. This resulted in a breathtaking route that resembles my style of travel. Therefore, this route has something really adventurous which will push you out of your comfort zone but is very well worth it. Don’t worry, I’ll add a worthy alternative for anyone who’s not up for it. All the places are added to a custom list on Google Maps at the bottom of this post.

Oneday Hostel

I’m staying at Oneday Hostel on this trip. I can totally recommend this place. Most popular hostels are situated around Khao San road, which is the party area. Naturally that area is very busy and packed with party-going backpackers. The first time I was in Bangkok, I stayed in that area too. But this time I wanted to switch things up a bit. There is a whole different side to Bangkok and the area around Oneday Hostel is a lot more appealing to me.

The reason I choose to stay in this hostel is because it is a coworking hostel. This hostel is designed for digital nomads and employees who have to do business in this area. The nights are calm and quiet, which makes it ideal for sleeping. But it is still very easy to meet people.

There are also a lot more facilities. There is a complete coworking space next door. You can walk from the hostel directly into the coworking space without having to go outside. There is also an amazing bar and the coffeeshop.

Breakfast at Casa Lapin x26 Coffeeshop

I like to start my day healthy. The Thai cuisine is very different from the West. Finding a healthy breakfast can be a bit challenging if it’s your first time in Bangkok. So this place is absolutely ideal.

In the picture is one of their “Smoothie Bowls” which are made with fresh fruits, seeds, nuts, cereal and yoghurt. If you are up for some American breakfast or British breakfast, you are at the right place! They have every kind of breakfast someone would love. The ingredients are high quality, the chef is an absolute master and the coffee is delicious!

The hostel is close to the BTS station “Phrom Phong” on the Sukhumvit line.

Coffee at Single Lane

Alternatively, you can get good coffee at Single Lane. Single Lane is a specialty coffee shop. Every month they have fresh coffee from a different area!

Today the coffee originates from Mae Suai. This immediately reminded me of the coffeeshop I been too in Mae Suai with my friend (read: The Undiscovered Mae Suai). They have their own coffee farm and roast their own coffee!

This coffeeshop is near the BTS station “Phra Khanong” on the Sukhumvit line.

Japanese lunch at Seiryu Ramen

For lunch we stop by in a Japanese restaurant. In this area are a lot of Japanese employees. Many big Japanese companies have a headquarters in this area. As a result, you can get some really good Japanese food at Thai prices.

I haven’t had much Japanese food in my life. Except from some really occasional Sushi. So all the dishes in this restaurant are a mystery to me. Luckily the menu is in English. I can’t remember the name of my dish tho, but I guarantee you that it was absolutely delicious.

This place is within walking distance from the oneday hostel. So it is near the BTS station “Phrom Phong” on the Sukhumvit line.

Fresh fruit on the street

Thailand is known to have a lot of street food. While some tourists try to avoid them as the pest, I enjoy trying all of them. There is a lot of amazing food on the street. I had better street food dishes than its ‘triple the price’ restaurant counterpart. And unless you have direct access to the fruit plantations, on the street is where the fresh fruit is!

We enjoy some fresh pineapple near the “Phrom Phong” BTS line. I must say that the pineapple in Thailand is so much more delicious than any pineapple I ever had back in Belgium! It’s also super cheap. This healthy dessert/snack only costs you 20 baht (0.55 euro).

The fruit stalls can be found everywhere in Bangkok. But they don’t really show up on google map. You kind of have to bump into them. Sometimes they ride around going from one 7-eleven to the next. There might be a structure to this, but for me it’s a mysterious gift whenever I bump into one.

Sathorn Unique Tower (Ghost tower)

This is the highlight of the whole day! This is the best thing of my whole stay in Bangkok. This one is out of the comfort zone and might not be for everyone. This is some real urban exploring! I will have an alternative rooftop below, which is a lot more legal 🙂

The Ghost tower is an unfinished Skyscraper that has been sitting around in Bangkok for a long time. Many urban explorers are interested in this masterpiece and I cannot blame them. Entering the construction area and making it up all those 47 floors is thrilling!

The building has no electricity and there is no elevator, which means that you will have to go to the rooftop by stairs. This is very exhausting, but this is so worth it!

Here are my pictures of the view!

Naturally, I brought my drone. This is what the ghost tower looks like from the sky.

I cannot discuss with you how we managed to enter the construction area, but I can link you the following youtube video.

Lebua State Tower, the legal alternative

The Lebua State Tower is the closest alternative to the Ghost tower. The tower acts as a hotel, but also has 2 rooftop bars. In fact you have a view over the Ghost tower from the top of this tower.

This is a luxury place, so expect to pay to a premium price for a single drink. On the other hand, everything is completely legal. The Ghost tower isn’t exactly free-of-charge either, so here you can enjoy the view in a relaxing way with a delicious drink and a luxury elevator.

The following blogpost has the top 5 rooftop bars in Bangkok and the first two are in the Lebua State Tower.

Local dinner at Tee Tew Tub

After all that climbing up and down the Ghost tower, it comes at no surprise that we are very hungry. It happen to be that Mystery Girl knows a good place. It’s possible to get a taxi to this restaurant, but the area is known to have a lot of traffic. We opted to walk the distance.

The restaurant has this typical Thai country setting. If you have ever been to a big Thai bar with Thai country, you’ll know what I am talking about. If you have not, the tables are made out of this typical high quality wood and so are the chairs. It’s very cozy. It’s nothing luxurious, but still feels nice in the right way. This is a small restaurant and it has a band playing. They also have a lot Belgium beers and I couldn’t resist to order a ‘La Chouffe’

The food in this place is absolutely delicious and it comes at the cheap Thai prices! I had noodle soup with crispy pork and grounded pork for only 60 baht (1.67 euro). And it’s one of the best ones I ever had! It’s definitely a lot better than those I had to pay 100 baht for or more. They have a lot of amazing food, there’s amazing beers and live music. The setting and atmosphere is absolutely amazing. An absolute must do while in Bangkok.

Night cocktail at STOCQ X SHAQER

At night, we decide that it’s time to end this with an amazing cocktail over at STOCQ X SHAQER. And boy, we were not disappointed! The bartender perfected that cocktail to the smallest detail.

First, let’s talk about the bar itself. The setting of this bar is truly amazing and it has a really great atmosphere. This bar is not the place you would go to to throw a party. It’s more relaxing and about socializing with your company. It’s the kind of place that just makes you feel good.

We ordered the ‘Roasted Coconut’ cocktail. We weren’t really prepared what we were getting into. The bartender started making the cocktail, but the amount of work that went into this single cocktail is insane. Here are some action shots.

The cocktail itself is really strong. You won’t need a lot of these to make you feel tipsy. With the top shelf rum that goes into this one, I don’t expect anything else. I’m definitely eager to come back and try another cocktail.

The Mystery Route on Google Maps

Many of these places are hard to find if you don’t know the area. Some don’t even show up on Google Maps when you type in the name of the place. Luckily you found this post and I have pinned all the locations on a custom map.

As I’m still hanging around in Bangkok, I’m still finding more and more of these hidden gems. Stay tuned for part 2 of the mystery route!

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