The real Belgium Fries in Bangkok, Thailand!

Throughout my days, living in Bangkok I starting to have cravings. Cravings for the stuff that only can be found at home. I’m Belgian and there are just some foods we have that I’m absolutely missing at the moment. One of those is French fries, or how I like to call them ‘Belgium Fries’. Because let’s face it, the real ones come from Belgium.

Bangkok is an amazing and big international city. You can find almost anything here that will fill your cravings for home. You can get drunk in Irish bars, eat English breakfast, have amazing coffee or over-delicious burgers. They also have all the fast food chains, there’s chinatown with delicious Chinese food, you name it Bangkok has it.

However one thing that I haven’t found are the real Belgium Fries. Like the real ones, straight from the ‘Frituur’. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you are missing out on a lot!

Mystery girl

Mystery girl is from Bangkok and we are living together in our cute little condo. So I asked her for help. I almost begged actually! Belgium fries are just so delicious! So we set out on a mission. We are going to find something to fill my craving.

Everything starts with a google search. We stumble upon a really amazing Fries Restaurant in Bangkok. It is supposed to be the real deal. Looking at the pictures, it looks very similar to a real Belgium Frituur. This will definitely do it. I just kept talking about how good Belgium fries are. This dragged Mysterey girl in. She wants to try them too! So let’s make it happen.

The restaurant is called Morgann Fries, which is close to Central World, and that’s exactly where we are headed to.

The plan

We are located in the local Bearing area. While it’s a good area for living like a local. It’s pretty far away from the westernized side of Bangkok. So we will need to get there before I die from my cravings 😂.

The plan is really simple, but a lot of stupid things can happen in the meantime. So the plan goes as follows, first we will take the taxi to the bearing BTS station. Next we will take the Skytrain to Central World. Finally we walk to Morgann fries and enjoy our fries.

Sounds very easy, but Mystery girl is really bad with following GPS instructions. But I’m sure we will make it. We have to make it. If we fail, we will have to eat Thai food again. While Thai food is delicious, I have been eating that daily and it really is time to switch things up. I need something that will take me home. But if we manage, well we will have over-delicious fries. Mystery girl will have a clue of what real fries taste like and our tummies will be deliciously filled.

Let’s go!

Okay our minds are set. Let’s do this! I’m so hungry right now. All I talk about is fries. So let’s freaking GO!

We walk out of our condo and make it all the way down. Here we start hailing a cab. Cabs are more rare in the street we live in. It’s a smaller street in between 2 big roads. So all the taxis are on the main road. The worst case scenario? We have to walk all the way to the BTS station on foot.

But we got lucky. We didn’t have to walk far for a taxi to pop up. Hailing the taxi was easy. We get in and make our way to the BTS-station.

Are we lost?

We take the BTS and get off at ‘Chit Lom’ Station, which is next to Central World. The two off us are really excited, we can’t believe we got all the way here without any hiccups. Like what’s happening? How can we get here so easily?

But then disaster strikes. Remember I told you that Mystery Girl is bad with GPS? Well, yeah… She’s really bad! We get lost as soon as we leave the BTS-station.

I’m very confused, because I want my goddamn fries! 🤣 Central World happens to be really big. But we needed to be in another building behind the shopping mall. But then that building is split into 2. You see how confusing this gets?

Finally we got our fries!

We finally make it to Morgann Fries! Like after wandering through all the buildings, and asking everyone, we finally made it! What an adventure.

I’m so hungry, it’s time to order these damn fries! Mystery girl got the second smallest one and I got the second biggest one. Of course my eyes are bigger than my stomach. I ordered way too many fries! But they are absolutely delicious. They really are made like in a Belgian Frituur and the taste is on point! These sure are Belgian fries and in my eyes they are “Belgium Fries Approved”. They even import the Belgium dip sauces!

When you are in Bangkok and tired of eating Thai food, then this is a must eat!

How to get there

All right. It wasn’t that easy to find it from the ‘Chit Lom’ BTS station. But it’s very easy to repeat once you’ve been there. Here is what you have to do.

First you need to walk towards Central world. The best way to do this it to stay outside. Just walk around the big shopping mall and make a right turn. You will be walking on the right side of a really wide street. If it’s really hot, you can enter the shopping mall that’s connected to the BTS-station, and then get out on the other side.

After this you can enter the ‘Big C’ super center. Here you need to go down one floor and walk towards the end of this mall. At the last coffee shop, you need to go left and go outside. Then you enter the next building and walk straight. Now you will find Morgann fries on your left. Enjoy!

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