The Tiger Cave Temple with Mystery girl [Day 2] – Kanchanaburi, Thailand

Kanchanaburi is home to one of the most impressive temples. The tiger cave temple (Wat Tham Khao Noi) is built on a hill and is filled with tall towers and statues. It’s a very unique temple with a lot of open space. Behind the temple lays a lot of rice paddies. During the season of my visit, the paddies are full of water. But if you come at the right time, the paddies will be amazingly green!

We come to this temple in the morning. However we are pretty tired and sleep a bit too long. Usually when I want to go to touristic spots like this, I come early. Before all the tourists arrive and before the heat hits. But by the time we get there, there are a lot of tourists and the sun is high up and shining hard.

But between all the people, I have to say. This temple is so impressive! It’s an absolute must while in Kanchanaburi, please do not miss out on this temple. You will have big regrets! It’s so unique and not far from the city. We got here by motorbike and it’s only a 20 minute drive.

Drone shots

Naturally I brought my drone and got some really sick drone shots of this temple. It’s the first thing I do after I parked the motorbike. I am so impressed by this temple and seeing it on my drone screen got me so excited to go inside and see it for myself.

The big buddha

After my little drone run, it’s time to walk up the stairs and see this temple for ourselves. And boy were we not disappointed. This temple is absolutely stunning. There is so much detail into every single structure. It’s absolutely amazing.

The thing that amazes me the most is the big buddha statue. It’s insanely huge. Then there is the surrounding pagoda thing. It looks like they cracked open a mountain and there is a buddha inside. Like it has it’s own little cave or egg shell for protection.

Here is mystery girl and then me in front of the Buddha. It’s so huge!

Inside the tower

It’s possible to go inside the tower and I suggest you do so. The tower I am talking about is the tower on the left in my drone shots. It looks like a pyramid. The first floor is already impressive.

After that you can go up the stairs and have a view over the buddha outside. We went all the way to the top floor. On this floor is a buddha in the center of the tower. People come here to pray, including mystery girl.

The view through the window is absolutely amazing. There is the view over the buddha and a view over one more tower. Absolutely amazing if you ask me!

I also manage to make a little timelapse of all the people walking by on the ground level.

Meena cafe

After visiting the temple, it is a must to visit the Meena cafe! It lays right behind the temple and has such an amazing view over the rice paddies and the temple. There are pathways through the paddies and then the temple in the back, absolutely gorgeous!

However, like I said earlier. Now is not the season and we are greeted with muddy fields. It’s not the same, but the coffee is still absolutely delicious tho.

Here is what it’s supposed to look like.

But instead we got this.

Yoko River Kwai Resort

Now it’s time to check out of the hotel in Kanchanaburi and head towards Sai Yok. Sai Yok is very close to the National Park and the infamous railway. The area is calm and absolutely beautiful. Sadly we have to head back to Bangkok tomorrow morning.

We take the motorbike and drive towards Sai Yok. But it’s so hot outside! It’s 38°C (100°F) outside in the shadow! We are driving in sunlight through valleys. It feels like a dessert. The wind that hits us doesn’t cool us down, it warms us up. It’s so hot we have to stop for coffee in a shop with AC.

Eventually we arrive at our resort. It’s just too hot outside to go and do anything. We wanted to head towards the National Park. The waterfall is close, but it is just too hot. I take an ice cold shower and let the AC cool down the room.

The room is very clean and big. The resort itself is big and beautiful. The room is better than the resort from yesterday, but yesterday’s pool was better and that one included breakfast.

Late night food

We spend a lot of time in the pool. We stay in soo long that the restaurant is closed and we still have to get dinner. So we go exploring by motorbike and find a really good restaurant for some late food.

The restaurant is at the Sai Yok Exercise Park. The food is absolutely delicious and cheap. Only locals come to eat here. That’s always where the best value is. If you see a lot of locals eating in a restaurant, be certain that it’s a good one.

This concludes the second day of our trip to Kanchanaburi. There is so much to do in this area and we don’t have enough time. Tomorrow we already have to go back to Bangkok, but there is so much more to see. I really want to go to the National Park, but we can’t. Tomorrow morning we are waking up early and we go to the infamous railway. This place is absolutely stunning and unique.

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